Heat: 30:1 by [Congdon, Douglas]

2025. Earth is cooking. Water is scarce. Food riots are common. And the government has imposed rigid food-to-people ratios. In Dodge City, Kansas, farmers are besieged on all sides. The government making unreasonable demands. Faceless billion-dollar corporations sacrificing all for profit. Helper robots on the fritz.

A futuristic Western, Heat blends politics, farming, and humor in an unforgettable picture of life in America ten years from now.

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Above Sea Level by [Congdon, Douglas]
Life – and death – after the Transition to the new America now beginning.

Temperatures and sea levels continue to rise in 2048. Heat and crop failures have killed millions. Politics and economies are local. America is now a coalition of regions connected by the web. Gangs operate in many areas between cities, but self-reliant cities are adapting and surviving, thanks to Yankee ingenuity. Some want to return to the ways of the past, but most want to push on and find the future – like Daniel and Sally, a young couple managing a restaurant in Savannah. Daniel’s father is murdered in Dodge City, and he returns there to find the killers, part of a conspiracy of humans and robots financed by an eccentric billionaire. Daniel and a mysterious friend borrow a ploy from Shakespeare to set a trap for the killers, complicated by a beautiful woman with ties to the conspiracy who tests his love for Sally. A revenge story, a survival story, a love story.

* * * * *

“The characters, setting, and mood are all highly enjoyable. This is an ecologically minded vision of the future that isn’t all doom and gloom. . . . An entertaining mystery set in an intriguing near future.” – Kirkus Reviews

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