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A novel about America in 2048, after the reality check with science and nature.

The coasts are abandoned, temperatures and sea levels continue to rise, heat and crop failures have killed millions. America is a coalition of regions connected by the Internet. Its shrunken cities are adapting and surviving. Energy and food are produced locally.

But some things never change. Like murder and conspiracies . . . and love triangles.

A mayor in the Mid-West region is killed in broad daylight by a robot. A year later there have been no arrests, so the mayor’s son, Daniel McFaul, begins his own investigation. He and his girlfriend, Sally Bergen, soon become targets of a conspiracy of humans and robots financed by an eccentric billionaire.

Daniel and a mysterious friend borrow a ploy from Shakespeare to set a trap for the killers, complicated by a beautiful woman with ties to the conspiracy who tests his love for Sally.

This is not 1984 – evil has not won. But it is America after the Transition to a newer world. After the reckoning in wealth and lives lost. After the reality check with science and nature.

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This is an ecologically minded vision of the future that isn't all doom and gloom. . . . An entertaining mystery set in an intriguing near future.
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